Run your MATLAB/Simulink models directly on your target. Generate embedded production class software for an commercial-off-the-shelf automotive ECU. With Motar you can!

The Motar platform provides a toolbox for MATLAB/Simulink together with an AUTOSAR-based software stack. This allows you to flash you model directly to your target without any manual coding. The complete software stack (from application till low-level drivers) is configured and generated from within MATLAB/Simulink. Everything is done from a single tool, thus greatly reducing the time-to-market for your software defined systems.

Motar specifications

The Motar platform consists of a blockset form MATLAB/Simulink and an AUTOSAR based Basic Software (BSW) stack. All drivers, services and protocols in this stack are configurable from within your MATLAB/Simulink model. This means you never have to leave your modeling environment while programming your series production ECU. The intuitive user interface used in the Motar blockset seamlessly integrates with the native MATLAB/Simulink blocks you are already used to. This means that control engineers with specific domain knowledge and modeling skills are now able to program production class ECUs. 

Motar allows you to develop your model, generate and flash the software and debug/calibrate your model on the hardware. For this we support both XCP as well as MATLAB/Simulink External Mode. XCP focuses on calibrating parameters while your model is running on your target, refining your models behavior. External Mode enables you to connect your target hardware back to your Simulink model and view sensor values, internal values, state machines and more live in your Simulink environment.

Motar Dx en MMx specifications

Click here to see an overview of the specifications for Motar Dx and Motar MMx.

Motar Dx and MMx

For your MATLAB/Simulink model to run, you will need the following MathWorks products:

  • Simulink
  • Embedded Coder
  • MATLAB Coder
  • Simulink Coder

Recommended additions are:

  • Vehicle Network toolbox
  • Stateflow
Motar InMotion TTTech

Motar is currently available for the following electronic control units (ECUs):

  • TTTech Auto TTC 500 family
    • TTC 590
    • TTC 580
    • TTC 540
    • TTC 510
    • TTC 508
  • TTTech Auto TTC 2300 family
    • TTC 2390
    • TTC 2385
    • TTC 2380
    • TTC 2310

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