With a small and flexible team we are involved from A to Z to provide our clients with the best possible service. Our core focus is on development and assembly of embedded products throughout the whole product lifecycle.

Custom made products

ICT electronics has a focus on both software (board support package & application), hardware and housing. Quality is our top priority with a focus on complex systems such as Linux and QT. Our electronic products are mostly customer specific and custom made. 

Product development process

The product development process contains various phases. From requirements and specifications through design and engineering to prototype phase and finally the field test and acceptance. Of course, each end of a phase contains a test and coordination with the client. After this, the product goes into production phase (serial production), where we provide service throughout the entire lifecycle. This is done through our specific lifecycle management, in which we take care of the complete production of the products for our customers for years.

Product development process

Long-term partnerships

With a small and flexible team we are involved from A to Z to provide our clients with the best possible service. In addition to product development, we think along in the entire process. We stand for low development costs and high innovative power, think along in the requirements phase, provide security updates and take care of the entire lifecycle management. We always go for long-term partnerships.

Team ICT Electronics

ICT Electronics benefits from ICT Group’s more than 40 years of experience in (embedded) software for machine manufacturers and suppliers in machine manufacturing, agriculture, packaging industry, refrigeration, and metal removing industry. 200.000+ machine manufacturers use the electronic products for machine operating.


  • Highly trained and with experience in embedded, application and Cloud.
  • Safe and innovative solutions through extensive technical knowledge and experience in HMI and control software machinery engineering.
  • Customer specific and qualitative products and services.

What makes us stand out

  • Knowledge of software and hardware
  • More innovation power
  • Lower costs
  • Shorter time to market
  • Full life cycle management product
  • Regionally oriented  
  • Security updates

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